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Andrzej Goszcz

Andrzej Goszcz

Krakow, Ma³opolska.


Lord, I was born a ramblin' man
Tryin' to make a livin' and doin' the best I can.
And when it's time for leavin',
I hope you'll understand,
That I was born a ramblin' man.
But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. - Friedrich Nietzsche

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@@@@@@@@@@@ « Arrête-toi, tu es si beau ! »

Nonne optimus et gravissimus quisque confitetur multa se ignorare et multa sibi etiam atque etiam esse discenda?
It brings me great happiness to be able to share my art and flowers with you my friend ! ~ Andrzej Goszcz.M.D. Cracow. Galicia. Free Europe.

Self portrait : a life without art and artistic expression is an un elegant life indeed words alone will never express the un expressable as well as the stroke of a brush or a melody �
Ottmar Liebert

Love Me Tender Love Me Dear Tell Me You Are Mine
Dr.Andrzej Goszcz freelance artist ,
photographer , digital fine art artist , dreamer and the dream maker , advocate beauty of life , empathy , love , culture and dialog.
So J'm a doctor , in practice for 35 yrs.

Born in Cracow , Galicia ,. United Europe. Poland April 22th.

Fine Art , Photography , history , geography, traveling , fly fishing has been and continues to be a driving passion in my life.

Portraiture , Landscape , Floral , Political and satire photography , Classic Glamour Photography ,
are my favorite forms of photographic expression.
All my images here are captured in digital format from 6mp to 21.1 mp on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 40D using the finest only Canon optics and filters I can find.
So come on a journey with me and see my world.
Enjoy my gallery and browsing the wonderful works I selected for you.
My images are in no way part of public domain and any unauthroized use will be prosecuted..

More than welcome ! Gled you dig it !

If you enjoy this collection , and if you would like to leave a comment for an artist or buy any of these works, just click on the individual images to visit the work pages.

So come on a journey with me and see my world.
Featured artist – Art Of Nude , 22nd September 2012 . Fine Art America


Wherever you will go. Artist Doctor Andrzej Goszcz. by Andrzej Goszcz


Admiral Nelson from Santorini - Ahoy by Andrzej Goszcz


Hallsingsafallet by Andrzej Goszcz


Salmon Catchers Club - Bjora River Norway. Doctor Andrzej Goszcz. by Andrzej Goszcz


As Faust said - linger on fair moment by Andrzej Goszcz


Midnight Cowboy Tribute to Jon Voight in the title role alongside Dustin Hoffman by Andrzej Goszcz


Mirtiotissa Beach . Corfu . Greece. by Andrzej Goszcz


A storm broke Magic Landscape. Free Europe. by Andrzej Goszcz


Magic Kobvatnet Norway. Time to remember. by Andrzej Goszcz


Wonderful poppy fields Galicia. by Andrzej Goszcz


Good cheers my friend . Greetings from Santorini . Greece. Free Europe. by Andrzej Goszcz


Cu kukn zich. Imaginationland. Doctor Andrzej Goszcz. by Andrzej Goszcz


I do love Tulips . by Andrzej Goszcz


Wonderful Night Fall - Norway . Free Europe. by Andrzej Goszcz


Juka - I do love your art and talent. by Andrzej Goszcz


Thank you Juha - Artist Sculpture Par Woody. by Andrzej Goszcz


Talvisota - Historia magistra vitae . Promoting peace among nations through happy relationships. by Andrzej Goszcz


Ti amo . As Faust said - linger on fair moment by Andrzej Goszcz


Pekna Laska . Amor omnia vincit. by Andrzej Goszcz


Always free like a wind - Easy Dream Rider. by Andrzej Goszcz


Hellada Dream - I do Love Greece - Zakintos by Doctor Faustus by Andrzej Goszcz


Lemko Grand Portrait by Adela . by Andrzej Goszcz


Mil Gracias Abbrazo by Andrzej Goszcz


Colorano di vento. by Andrzej Goszcz


Gracias Querido Amigo by Andrzej Goszcz


Grand Portrait. by Andrzej Goszcz


Bieszczadzka Amazonka - Lady Adel . 90 Views . by Andrzej Goszcz


ADEL EASY RIDER by Andrzej Goszcz


Romeo i Julia 2014 by Andrzej Goszcz


You and Me by Andrzej Goszcz


Good morning friends. by Andrzej Goszcz


Wind of change 2014. Poezja i sztuka jest wspolnym jezykiem swiata by Andrzej Goszcz


Floral Fata Morgana. by Andrzej Goszcz


Csardas Budapest Love Story - We will Never Forget. by Andrzej Goszcz


Tango to jest LASKY wysnane - He See ' s US by Andrzej Goszcz


Corazon Espinado - Black Magic Women - Adel. by Andrzej Goszcz


November rain with You My Darling. by Andrzej Goszcz


My Dady Anno Domini . 1942. by Andrzej Goszcz


Thank you my young Movie Star . Tribute to Ingrid Bergman. by Andrzej Goszcz


Liturgy of the salmon fishing. Doctor Andrzej Goszcz. by Andrzej Goszcz


Thank you for your kindness Jukka. by Andrzej Goszcz


My wonderful catch . Look by Andrzej Goszcz


Besame mucho . Salmon Love Story. by Andrzej Goszcz


Warm welcome dear friend - tribute to finnish Field Marshal Mannerheim. by Andrzej Goszcz


Neptun . Doctor Andrzej Goszcz . by Andrzej Goszcz


Victoria. by Doctor Andrzej Goszcz by Andrzej Goszcz


Hello dear my friend . by Doctor Andrzej Goszcz by Andrzej Goszcz


Being happy and grateful. Doctor Andrzej Goszcz by Andrzej Goszcz